Say Hello To Heaven!

Have you ever done something that brought back such vivid memories of a person, or a place that it brought you to your knees?

I’ve been crazy busy working on a few projects, job searches, etc, and I promised Charlie, and Max that I would take them on an “Adventure”.  I thought about a few different things to do, but I kept them in suspense, as I really didn’t know how my idea would turn out.

I took them Creek Stomping.  Some may know this a Rock Hopping.  In other words, simply walking down the middle of the creek, and navigating through all the rocks, rapids, etc.  Check the pictures for some pretty cool fun!

Let’s step back in time for a second. Think Pearl Jam, Nike ACG’s, denim jean shorts, flannel shirts.. developing camera film at Snyder Drug, waiting a week to get pictures back.. Probably around 1993 or so… some great summer memories of Josh, Noah Norton, Chad Albers, Jim Blaha, Dave Roper.. stomping the Creek in Lake City, MN. We would spend hours out there, to the point where we would actually move rocks, and create damns in the creek. We would completely redirect the creek, and catch critters in the tide pools as sections of the creek would dry up, and then let the water go again. Amazing memories before cell phones, iThings, and most of the video games we have today.

Anyway, took Charlie, and Max out to let them experience a little of what we experienced back in the 90’s. They absolutely loved it, and I don’t think Max stopped talking one time though the whole thing.

We all fell in at one point, we laughed, stomped, and stomped through the rapids.

Along the way, I told my boys about my experiences back in the 90’s, and my good friends who I did it with. Charlie asked if I still knew my friends from then. I said, “Yeah, I actually still see some of them sometimes!”. I said, “Josh, and Noah are twins!”. Then I told them about my friend Noah, who is in heaven.

Time out… whether you believe in heaven, or not is completely irrelevant at this point in the story. I believe in good, and evil. If there is a heaven, Noah is there.

Ok, back on track.. Max asked, “So that means that their not twin brothers anymore, right?”. I quickly told him, “Absolutely not, they will always be brothers!”. He replied, “And you, and Noah will always be friends, too, right?”.

So that’s when it hit me. Man, I haven’t experienced much loss in my life, but in that moment, Noah was REALLY close. It was emotional, and I too him, “Yeah, of course, and I bet he’s in Heaven, belly laughing at us right now!”. Max looked up to the sky, and smiled, and said, “Hey Noah, we’re having so much fun!”.

The boys had a lot of questions after that, mostly about my friend Noah, and what else we did as kids, and we spent a good 30 minutes talking about the good ole days back in Lake City, when things were so much more simple.

Amazing time with my boys, and amazing time chatting through some great memories, and my friend Noah, and company!  When was a time where you felt like this, or had this experience?

Hope you enjoyed this little story!  

Comment below any thoughts, questions you have!

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