Michael Fuerst

Yo! I’m Michael!

I am a 35-ish, happily engaged, father to be, new home owner, uncle to 3 little boys, and older brother to 3 big boys.

I am extremely active, and self-proclaimed outdoorsman. I am 5’11-ish with a athletic-ish build, and bulky legs that don’t fit into most pairs of pants.  By the way… I found and will share the pants that fit our legs!!

Things I love, Dana my fiancé, family, and food!

Things I enjoy photography, technology, skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, softball and exercise.

I feel like I have a knack for problem solving. and solution finding, I love finding the best product for the best deal.

Favorite books – I listen to books because I am to active to sit and read so while I gardening, cut the grass or am painting something, I am usually listening to a book.

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and loved it.

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