Cail Morrison

Hey Everyone!  I’m Cail, I’m 41 year old father of 3.  Married to my beautiful wife Lindsey, and live in Stillwater, MN.

What do I like to do..  well, pretty much anything.  I believe that anyone can do anything if they’re able to put their head into it, and be resourceful.  I enjoy spending time with my family, mountain biking, and biking in general.  Hiking, and Traveling.  I LOVE food, and beer.  Spending time on a good patio, or my back yard with friends, and family is always at the top of my list.

I’m in transition of careers right now after working for Anytime Fitness for 11 years.  Looking for something that really lights my fire.  I believe everyone should do something they absolutely love, and do it well.

How did we come up with Common Man Guide?  Well, it was a combination of a few things.  I have a lot of creative energy, and I needed to find a place to express it.  I love to go on big, and small adventures, I love to travel, and experience new things.  While I do these things, I starting to realize how much time it takes to research locations, where to stay, what to do, where to eat.  I thought there should be a place where you can go to learn, or ask questions, or understand products better.

I’ve never had much luck with travel agents.  They are usually in the business of directing you towards whatever location, or resort benefits them.  Same with stores for gear, reviews online, etc.  They are all promoting things that they are told to promote, or what they are paid for, vs what they really like, or based on what I really like.

All of that, and as a normal guy, with a job, kids, limited time, and budget…. How do we balance that?

We can’t rely on professional athletes to tell us what they like, we don’t have the money, or time to spend on the things they do, or things they use.  Where is a place that I can go, and get information about places to go, see, stay, eat from people who aren’t biased?

Enter Common Man Guide.

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