Max’s Balance Bike Crash

Hey All!  

This is a super quick one!  First, let’s talk Balance bikes.

All 3 of my boys have learned how to ride bike on a balance bike.  Charlie, and Breck were riding without training wheels at 2, and Max at 3.  I think the only reason why Max didn’t ride at 2 is because he’s such a little peanut.  Haha!

It helps them learn balance (Obviously), then all they need is the strength to pedal.  Balance being the key to riding without training wheels.  

You know when they’re ready..  they’ll start picking up their feed, and turning by leaning.  If they’re able to balance down a hill, and make a turn by leaning..  they’re ready to start learning how to pedal, because the balance part if taken care of.

Now, with exception, Max was our wild man, and he went down the biggest hills, and crashed many times.  I caught this epic crash from Max in slow-motion, and thought you’d all enjoy!


Max is the TOUGHEST

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